Google Patent Hints At More Linkage Penalties!

Tedster, administrator of the WebmasterWorld, recently posted a thread at WebmasterWorld. The thread was related to the discussions that were going…
…around an updated Google patent named Information retrieval based on historical data.

In any event, Tedster has indicated a lot of abstracts that are new in this document. I would like to extract some of them.

if the content of a document changes such that it differs significantly from the anchor text associated with its back links, then the domain associated with the document may have changed significantly (completely) from a previous incarnation. This may occur when a domain expires and a different party purchases the domain All links and/or anchor text prior to that date may then be ignored or discounted.

So now you got it right! It states that it is not just about changing the domain name registration information. It is because of this fact that a lot of people who buy sites, try to keep the same form, same style as well as the same category of content on that domain.

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