Do Search Engine Optimization Companies Pay Attention to Google

Nope. It doesn’t look like it. While Google has openly talked against active link exchange solicitation, some SEO firms are not listening.

There was a day in yesteryear that you would install a link exchange partner page on your site as an SEO tool as necessary as a sitemap. You would solicit links to your web site and then, in return, link to somebody else.

I won’t deny participating in such an event myself. For years, this was sold as a beneficial way of building links. Such link exchange services like Linkmetro, BRL, Telalinks, and so on (all of which now useless in my opinion) popped up and started automating the link exchange process.

To those SEO companies that get their ethics and strategies from the tubes (GOP synonym for “interwebs”) I invite you to visit the law giver. The knower of all things in the search engine optimization “rightosphere”. I introduce you to Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Google Webmaster Guidelines is where you learn the rights and wrongs of search engine optimization. Don’t know where it is? Well, there is no easy way to get there except Googling “Google Webmaster Guidelines”. Once there, type in “links schemes”.

A couple bullet points down you will see on the list of do nots “Excessive reciprocal links or excessive link exchanging (“Link to me and I’ll link to you.”)”. Whaaaaat? You mean my link partners page is useless? Those countless hours of spamming link exchange partners done in vein? Those beautiful two way links for nothing?

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  1. “You mean my link partners page is useless? ”

    no silly.. they are referrig to full duplex excessive link exchange whereas you pay blackhat seo $50 and they auto link you to 500 sites overnight.

    nothing wrong with relevant link exchange just as long as you obtain links slowly and naturally with sites relevant to yours.

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