Fundamental SEO Pitfalls That Need To Be Corrected

Optimizing your website in order to be crawled by search engines, to be duly indexed on the search engine result pages (SERPs), is most definitely the norm of the web world today.
This, however, doesn’t undermine the fact that SEO newbies and experts alike still get tricked to committing fundamental mistakes while in pursuit of driving desired traffic to their website and also get noticed simultaneously.

These SEO mistakes that plague the search engine optimized websites are often considered to be merely trivial. The truth though is that such fundamental SEO pitfalls cost websites heavily. This piece, thus, revolves around those fundamental SEO pitfalls that must be avoided at all costs if you don’t want your SEO efforts to end up working against you and want your website to rank well organically. Some of these common pitfalls that must be checked include:

  • When every page in your website has unique content, then why use the same title tag for all pages? This leads to the undermining of the value of the content and the website as a whole before the search engines. Page titles are accorded high priority by search engines and by entitling all pages the same, you will only minimize your scope of receiving positive results Each page must, thus, be optimized with appropriate Title and Meta tags reflecting keywords / key phrases that have been used on that particular page. This is because search engines are only interested in keywords and descriptions parts, especially when it comes to Meta tags.
  • Loading your website excessively with images, flash animation or graphics will work against your optimization efforts, as search engine spiders are more interested in the content of the website. Beware about building your website only based upon Flash as search engines are incapacitated to decipher the same. They will see your techy animation and graphics only as codes and will, thus, be unable to properly crawl and index your website. Search engines have always regarded unique and quality content as the parameter to measure the worth of a website, so pay more attention to the content aspect of your website. Also keep in mind that you will hinder major search engines access to your website if you incorporate frames in your website.

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