10 reasons why Twitter is great for the search industry

Twitter was launched back in July 2006, and many people wouldn’t have expected to remember it even a few weeks later.

But two years on, writes Kevin Gibbons, it’s still going from strength-to-strength and continuing to prove many of its early doubters wrong.

In-fact, in the search industry Twitter has established itself as one of the strongest and most useful tools available, with many SEOs now frequently active in the micro-blogging community.

Below are10 reasons why Twitter is great for the search industry:

1) A large majority of the search industry actively use Twitter. Even those people, myself included, who originally thought Twitter was a five minute wonder have eaten their words and signed up.

2) Communicate with fellow search industry “competitors”. Twitter can be great for networking with like-minded “tweeple” within the search industry from around the world. This can be an excellent way of networking with not just fellow search professionals but also journalists who may become useful contacts.

3) Instant feedback on ideas. Twitter users can provide extremely valuable feedback to bounce ideas around with, such as new blog posts or SEO techniques. The Twitter applications available mean that Twitter has become very similar to an instant messaging client so a quick response is normally received too.

4) Followers are the new RSS subscribers. Blog subscribers are valued very highly and having a Twitter follower is very similar in many ways, as it allows people to subscribe to learn more about a business and website’s latest content.

5) Add a personal touch to a profile. Many celebrities such as Kanye West, John Cleese and Andy Murray have taken-up using Twitter to help communicate with fans and show a different side to their personality. A similar scenario could be true for well-known bloggers, where communicating via blog comments isn’t always the same as a direct tweet.

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