Google Nemesis helps boost Web site conversions

A new affiliate marketing system that helps boost website conversions is being released on July 8. For the first time, this premium quality affiliate marketing system named Google Nemesis is helping boost website conversions through Google Adwords by offering a powerful combination of pay per click research software and marketing strategies .

Once released, this affiliate marketing system will be available from

Google Nemesis has been developed by Chris Mcnneny who has over five years of experience in clickbank affiliate program marketing through high quality software tools and marketing strategies. This, combined with with Chris’s partner Ken X, who has five years of Internet marketing and consulting experience, has resulted in a PPC based affiliate marketing system achieving a 125 percent conversion increase, which is making them more than $2,000 a day from a single clickbank product.

These results have been proven over and over again. In addition, the Google Nemesis achieves all this without ever resorting to unethical tactics and is completely legal, moral and ethical.

Google Nemesis is extremely easy to use, and is a hosted application which will ensure you always have the latest version of the software, with no future upgrade hassles. The software has exclusive power features including a keywords spying tool and sneaky clickbank product data mining tool, and is a proven way to now combine two goals on one page: creating a sale and increasing your opt-in rate significantly.

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