7 Free Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation

Have you “Google’d” yourself lately? What do people find when they do? Your online reputation can be intentionally managed by way of social media marketing. For example, I regularly say “Google me” to potential clients, confident in what will appear because I have built online social media profiles to ensure this. What’s more, in my practice, I typically ‘Google’ any potential clients before I take part in business with them because in business, reputation is everything.

According to Wikipedia.org, a free online resource, “one’s online reputation is similar to the conventional concept of reputation, but in cyberspace. In cyberspace, reputations can be easily made due to the high transfer of information. But they can also be easily broken, due to the lingering, semi-permanent nature of the World Wide Web, especially the general existence of sockpuppets (easily created pseudonyms). An online reputation is often achieved while in a pseudonymous state. A digital reputation can be useful in situations where credibility must be established…”

So, how what are the best ways to manage one’s reputation? Type “Israel Rothman” into Google as an example. In addition to my website, you will find:

1. My Associated Content profile where I brag a little about my success with my clients.
2. My WebProNews profile where I write for the Jayde Search Engine Newsletter.
3. My Active Rain profile
4. My MySpace Profile
5. My Linkedin profile
6. My MyBlogLog Profile
7. Biznik Members (a group I am no longer in)

Additionally, you will also find two listings for my website and a listing for associated content. All of these sites covers the first page (top 10 organic results).

While this takes a little time and effort, all of these sites are completely free. And you now have your list to begin managing your reputation online when somebody “Googles” you!

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