3 Secrets for Gaining Search Engine Ranking

It’s true that most of us only have so much creativity in our bones. Depending on how busy, creative, educated, or distracted we are, we can only write, blog, prognosticate, video-blog a certain amount about our businesses and other activities.

That is why it is of the utmost importance that we get the maximum impact from the content we can produce, especially on the search engines and social media sites. If you distribute and re-use your content in the wrong way, it will not only not be seen, it can actually hurt your Internet presence due to rules (algorithms) that the search engines employ. These algorithms work to ensure search engines do not bring up redundant pages on keyword searches-search results that contain duplicates of the same information.

With blogging, social media profiles, and real content distribution being the only true way to rank competitively, it is evident that more of the mainstream traffic is originating from personalized iGoogle, Yahoo360, MySpace and Facebook pages and profiles. This stresses the importance of understanding what exactly Social Media is, and how to maximize traffic from a limited amount of original information.

As someone who reserved Social Media Systems.com and .org for less than nine dollars per year, a year and a half ago, here are a few tips to help you better understand the secrets to search engine ranking:

1. Comment on other people’s platforms, editorialize on your own. Have you ever wondered why everybody wants to give you a free blog? There is a reason–you are building a valuable Web-based asset for them, using your creativity. While it is great to have a presence and get traffic from your profiles and groups, your best content should originate from your own platform.

2. Link to your content on your website with little snippets and comments on others, referring traffic from these very busy social media sites to yours.

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