Online Marketing to Boomers and Beyond

A recent survey conducted by JWTBoom and Third Age, of more than 1800 online Boomers (defined by the surveyors as users aged 40+) revealed some surprising insights about the online behaviors of Boomers with regard to social networking, online advertising, and Internet privacy.

Press Release from JWTBoom & Third Age

Boomers by the numbers:

  • 40% – the percentage of the US population that is over 45
  • 50% – the percentage of market growth expected in the next 15 years.
  • 78 million people – the number of Boomers in America today
  • 84% of consumer spending – the percentage controlled by Boomers
  • $800 billion – Boomer spending today
  • $4.6 trillion – Estimated Boomer spending by 2015

(Data: JWTBoom & Third Age Survey)

Highlights From the Survey

Social Networking Sites Aren’t Big for Boomers

Boomers are interested in participating in trusted online communities and sharing opinions about brands – but they’re less interested in popular social networking sites.

Boomer and social networking

Boomers Respond to Email Marketing
Boomers engage in online marketing – in particular email marketing.

Boomers and Online Marketing

Trust Must Be Built With Boomers

Boomers have concerns about privacy and they are very specific about what builds trust.

Boomers and Building Trust

More Resources on Online Marketing To Boomers

With the online Boomer marketing booming, it’s no surprise that marketers are putting their budget and efforts into reaching this important audience. As a trusted online marketing expert, Web Ad.vantage President & CEO, Hollis Thomases, is often asked to comment on the latest trends, changes, and advancements in the industry. Here’s some recent articles and interviews where you’ll get tips on the best Boomer online advertising tactics and details on how this audience will change the way companies do business online.

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