Analytics Every SEO Needs To Know

Analytics Every SEO Needs To Know – It’s more than just rankings and traffic reports to measure the health of SEO efforts. This session focuses on analytics that SEOs should be considering.

Moderator: Rand Fishkin, Co-Founder and CEO, SEOmoz

Q&A Moderator: Matt McGee, the rockin dude


Brian Klais, Executive Vice President, Search, Netconcepts
Laura Lippay, Group Program Manager, Search Strategy, Yahoo
Jonah Stein, Founder, ItsTheROI
Richard Zwicky, President, Enquisite
The first speaker is Brian Klais.
10 Essential Natural Search KPIs.

There’s more to search success than measureing ego term hits and rankings.
– How do we evaluate channel performance?
– What’s the missed opportunity cost?
– How do you identify pages and markets to focus on?
– How to prioritize further investment
– etc.

The metrics include:
– Brand to non brand ratio, unique pages, missed opportunity cost, ROI and brand reach, page placement, yielding pages, visitors per phase, indexation rate, and more.

Case study data of an anonymous merchant which gets 73% of traffic from Google, 12% from Yahoo, 4% from Google Images, etc.

Brand to non brand ratio – a lot of people get traffic from their own brand name. They’re happy with that, but he says that you should really focus on the long tail instead.
– Long tail search = 40x brand search
– There’s remaining opportunity
The non brand queries dominate.

How big is your site?
– You can’t answer that if your site is database driven. Look at how many pages the bots see. Non-duplicate pages crawled by your favorite bot.
– Look at the size of your site. That forms the top of the funnel. Think: email sent. It gives color to…

Indexation rate:
– Pages crawled vs. indexed
* Your advertising inventory
Why aren’t some pages that are crawled not in the index?

Yielding pages is a critical concept. Of all pages in the index, how many drive traffic? How many aren’t?
– Identify those “free loading pages” – title tags, etc.

If you know what pages drive traffic, at what rate are they not driving traffic? How many vistors do they not get? Visitors per phrase roll up into a metric.

Page placement – inequality equals opportunity. Identify those opportunities to get them from page 2 to page 1 becasue you can get a 3x increase in traffic (in this particular situation)

Engine Yield Rate – ROI of the engine’s crawl.
– Google is returning 3.6 visitors for every page that it crawls. Yahoo returns 0.3 visitors for every pag.e MSN live is 0.1 visitors.

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  1. Engine Yield Rate is a great metric that most people are completely unaware of. It’s nice to see this mentioned somewhere in the mainstream. For example search Google for “Engine Yield Rate” with the quotation marks and you only find about 9 results.

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