Be a Savvy Realtor through Effective Online Strategies

For most real estate professionals the business climate has changed dramatically. Whereas for several years, simple presence in the field was a license to be successful and earn a significant living, today a much better strategy needs to be utilized, just to stay on the playing field.

In an e-commerce environment the focus or goal of a website is encouraging the site visitor to buy something. Since that approach is not likely to work for real estate transactions, the most critical objective is to capture the contact information from a visitor so that a pipeline of prospects can be developed. While the gist of this article is about utilizing the Internet to help locate qualified prospects (buyers or sellers), I think it’s also important to mention that leads arising from the web will still need to be worked effectively.

Building a pipeline begins with attaining both a phone number and an e-mail address from someone. If you have a traditional direct mail program in place, then a street address is vital as well. While direct mail can still be of value, e-mails can be powerful, better targeted and less expensive. For example, by grouping your prospect base into categories (like single family vs. condo buyers or buyers vs. sellers), you can send out e-mails that are tightly aligned with someone’s interests. You will experience a much better response rate by segmenting in this manner.

Here are a few more ideas to boost the effectiveness of your website/online lead generation efforts.

Take advantage of the two main opportunities on search engines: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing. SEO, also know as organic or natural search is the process by which a site is designed to be aligned with the algorithms of the engines. Key ingredients include robust content, search-engine-friendly architecture and effective linking strategies. Each major search engine has a paid component to their search results as well. This involves paying for site visitors on a “per click” basis. There are a series of variable that need to be considered when starting a campaign. These include keyword selection, geography (where do you want your listing to show up), bid strategy (how aggressive do you

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