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Microsoft launches advertisements on mobiles in battle with Google

Microsoft has opened a new front in the battle with Google, the search engine group, in the increasingly ferocious struggle for control of the online services market.

The software giant has said that users of its popular e-mail and instant messaging tools on mobile phones will display advertisements for the first time. Those using Windows Live on phones will also see ads.

Mobile telephony is regarded as an increasingly important component of the digital advertising market as new devices, such as Apple’s iPhone, improve the use of web-based services.

While it represents a small part of spending on digital advertising, it has significant potential because of the ability for advertising to be coupled with location using GPS.

In theory, mobile users could be targeted with an advertisement as they come into the vicinity of a particular vendor.

According to a M:Metrics, which tracks use of the mobile internet, 62 per cent of search queries by UK mobiles are performed by Google, compared with 7 per cent performed by MIcrosoft’s Windows Live search.

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  1. Mobile media offers a lot more opportunity than many marketers realize. It is arguable that mobile will ultimately play a bigger role in social media interaction and marketing than it currently is with the next few years. Mobile is definitely something that any savvy marketer should be putting on their list of marketing avenues to explore.

  2. Exertion says : I absolutely agree with this !

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