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Local companies utilize online marketing campaigns

At the early stages of the dot-com bust in 2001, during an uncertain post-Sept. 11 market, a new advertising trend opened up that capitalized on the Internet’s

close connection between consumer and retailer.

Misty Locke was there to catch the online marketing wave, starting Range Online Media in Fort Worth with Cheryle Pingel.

In October 2001, Range was one of a few companies nationally that specialized in paid search optimization or search engine marketing – when companies pay search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or MSN, to list them at the top or side of a search results page when a user looks up specific keywords.

Now, as Internet business transactions are surging despite the gloomy economy — $21 billion net online sales in 2007, with a forecasted $35 billion in 2010, said Locke. As a result, online marketing, along with Range, have beefed up to handle the projected increase in sales.

“We had visions of large offices across the world and being known as the largest agency,” Locke. “In living in reality, I’m astonished with what we’ve accomplished. We’ve come pretty close.”

With offices in New York and Utah, a staff of around 55 and a client base of about 60 brands including Travelocity and Nieman Marcus, Locke said opening Range might be the best career move anyone could have made.

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