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Namibia: Boom in Online Marketing

Online scouting for that perfect property has become all the craze before investing in real estate.

When doing an online search for property and real estate in Namibia, it becomes clear that those in the industry have realised the importance of having a presence on the Web.

Even major South African property agencies have branched out, even though mostly virtual, and claimed a stake of the Namibian cyber property market.

Residential property developers have been leading this trend by posting and gauging interest in new developments through websites and listings on the more established portals.

Websites like, even though run by South African companies, have extensive listings of Namibian properties.

On the local front, gives buyers a comprehensive view of developments.

With many buyers, across retail sectors, turning to the Internet to save time and money, the online listing and marketing of property is set to continue to grow.

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  1. It was a great experience to read this article. I am totally agree with this veiw that real state or any industry must have online presence through web site. Its a true that many buyers are turning towards internet to save time and money. Thanks that you shared such an important issue with us.

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