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CASH-strapped small businesses know a website will open them up to the world – but too often they skimp on marketing and it fails.

Internet expert Jasmine Batra said it did not have to be so difficult.

“A website can be such a level-playing field and small business can compete against the big corporates,” she said.

Ms Batra, the director of Arrow Internet Marketing, said there were measures businesses could take to optimise their presence on the internet.

Her own company was ranked first for searches on for “SEO (search engine optimisation)company” thanks to clever use of optimisation.

Ms Batra said experts could identify what people were searching for and how best the small business could tap into that demand.

One step was to find out what search words people were using when looking for goods or services.

It helped, she said, to put yourself in their shoes. For instance, were people searching for “used baby goods” or “second hand baby goods”.

She said when websites were developed they generally had access to tools to track who was visiting the site.

Traffic statistics can not only show how many people are visiting but how long they stayed.

Ms Batra said people should look at this information at least once a month.

“I like to look at my traffic stats every week,” she said.

“There are lots of insights in them. If you were running a retail store you would be interested to know how many people walked in the door.”

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